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First Steps is the first release of the Cameroonian artist Moudiki.

The CD has been described as one of the most dynamic musical works in recent memory. Moudiki's fusion of Makossa, R&B, and Jazz will excite you and leave you asking for more. This is no doubt the work of a very talented new star.

CD Cover

Onyola Makossa
The trials and tribulations of an aspiring artist in a community where music is viewed as a non-career


Muenj' asu
A musical adieu to a good friend

Heaven Is


Heaven Is
Thank you Lord

Africa Kwenu

Africa Kwenu
A salute to the most misunderstood continent in the world

Moudiki (Edimo Lova) was born on April 12th 1965 in Victoria, Cameroon West Africa. He spent the first decade and more of his life around the world with his parents as his dad was in the foreign service. He developed an early love for music and was encouraged by his father to practice hard. His first instruments were the Glockenspiel, Recorder, Clarinet, Piano and Saxophone in that order. He eventually made a decision to take up the Electric Bass, which he did in 1988. He has performed with Ekambi Brillant and Prince Eyango both of whom are Cameroonian star musicians and also Itadi Boney and Abou Smith in the International arena. He is also an accomplished recording engineer, currently working out of Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA. He is currently promoting his first album on GIO Records/Productions. He is also currently finishing his degrees in music and mechanical engineering.


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